Introducing Cryptolazza

Cryptolazza is a new real-time cryptocurrency market data service. We provide a number of data sources, and our focus is on presenting them in a way that lets you answer questions about the cryptocurrency market in seconds, like:

  • What’s the current price of Bitcoin?
  • What did the price do today?
  • What’s the price likely to do in the near future?
  • Are big moves due to a single whale manipulating the market, or do they represent a broad-based change in sentiment?
  • Are there particular cryptocurrencies that are doing better than the rest of the market today? Why?
  • Which ICOs are still alive, 2 years after the ICO boom?
  • What’s being released by development teams today? What’s about to be released in the near future?
  • How does the rest of the web view these releases?
  • Are any cryptocurrency projects getting real adoption from users?
  • Is there any news in the wider world that might affect cryptocurrency adoption?

Come visit the site for up-to-the-second information:

As of now, we have up-to-the-second price and order book data from the 10 exchanges reported as having genuine volume by the Bitwise Group, displayed graphically in a collection of charts. We track 1925 distinct markets for 400 different currencies across these exchanges, and continuously monitor an additional 6478 currencies that are not presently traded on major exchanges for activity.

This blog will be used for:

  • Product announcements and new features.
  • How-to’s and tutorials for how to answer specific questions.
  • General informational articles about cryptocurrency.
  • Occasional philosophical articles about why cryptocurrency is important and how the space is likely to evolve.

As a company, we don’t endorse or have a stake in the success of any particular cryptocurrency: our goal is to provide you with timely, reliable, accurate data so that you can judge that for yourself. We do believe that the long-term success of cryptocurrency is tied to its adoption in day-to-day life and the release of products integrated with the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and that cryptocurrencies that manage this well will outperform ones that don’t. Our future development plans are centered around measuring progress towards that goal.

Cryptolazza is currently under heavy development, and we anticipate launching new features multiple times a week. Check back frequently for updates, and feel free to leave comments if there are particular features you’d like to see!

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